Biddable Media Topics and Techniques

First let me start off by explaining what even is biddable media?? Biddable media is buying and selling ads. It is a bidding competition. It takes place in real time bidding. Advertisers are competing and bidding against each other to win who’s add will show. Biddable media is able to be scaled and measured. By monitoring the biddable media, a marketer is more likely to enhance their odds and win the bidding competition over its competitors. When starting a bidding campaign, you must be patient in order to see results, sometimes it can take time. 

How to succeed with your biddable media??

You will need to know the exact target market you wish to focus on. Promote pages of your website that well speak to the future customer. You need to also decide on a budget for the campaign. Biddable media gives the marketer options on how to focus on reeling in the target market. It uses data to target audiences at the right time. 

With technology growing it is becoming easier and more accurate when tracking the biddable media. Some examples of current biddable media channels are: Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media PPC, and Video/YouTube PPC. There are also other methods for biddable media such as display advertising, remarketing and sponsored posts. The biggest biddable platform was provided by Google. But, overtime many other display platforms joined the game. Now there are endless ways to join the biddable media competition. These channels can be a quick way for a company to really boost their ranking and overall popularity. Technology will continue to grow and there will become more and more techniques people can use to scale their biddable media. 

As you can see, there are many things a marketer must consider when trying to get the biggest return on investment. Biddable media is a very strong tool in helping to figure out what technique works best for your business. By analyzing the data correctly and figuring out the best method to connect with customers a business can win the bidding competition every time. With this information hopefully you can win as a biddable media pro.