Google Ads: Tips and Run Through

Account –> Campaigns –> Ad Groups (Keywords and Ads)

Above is the basis of creating a google campaign. Each step becomes more detailed than the last. Google ads is extremely powerful to a smaller, local business. It can really change the amount of traffic coming to the website! A Google Ad campaign can boost a websites popularity very quick if it is made correctly. 

When creating your google campaign ad it would be best to set the location to a relatively small area surrounding your business. This will cause the ad to be more efficient. You want a conversion to come from your ad. A conversion means that the person has arrived at the information they intended. This could include a phone call, visit, etc.. A good business owner will keep track of their conversion rate in order to determine what is working and what is not.

It is best to use as many extensions as you can as a business owner. This just increases your chances of being seen by potential customers.

This information can be learned in a Michigan undergraduate digital marketing program. Which happens to be where I found this valuable information about google ads and how to create a campaign.

Next step is to set up ad groups! First step is to create an ad group name. After doing that you will need to think of some relevant keywords. Make sure that each ad group has its own specific topic and landing page, this will increase the conversion rate by a lot. 

Next will are going to create the actual ad. It is smart to include the keywords in the ad. In that case, you should use the keywords you picked for the ad content. This will maximize your conversion and search rate. Google will reward this behavior in return. After creating your headlines and description relative to your keywords you are ready to continue!

And just like that, you just created your google ad campaign the best way possible. This should be very helpful to a small business looking for more traffic. Hopefully these tips can help someone out there!

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