Michigan Undergraduate Digital Marketing Programs

Reasons to choose Digital Marketing!

Well to start, digital marketing is a very fast and growing job opportunity. With the digital world continuing to grow, many people are starting to use the internet more to find things they are looking for. Having knowledge in digital marketing can be a huge advantage right now vs. someone with standard marketing knowledge.

You will gain knowledge on how to analyze data and evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing programs, you will learn how to optimize web design, you will be able to manage online marketing campaigns, and communicate complex data sets.

I will focus most of this post on the University of Michigan, Dearborn, undergraduate digital marketing program. This is because I am currently a student there and also, they are ranked 1st for Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs.

University of Michigan – Dearborn – Ranked #1

This school offers a digital marketing program as a minor, https://umdearborn.edu/cob/undergraduate-programs/majors-minors-curriculum/majors/digital-marketing. This link provides information about how to apply for this program.

Minor Requirements

MKT 363 – Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
MKT 454 – Marketing Research
MKT 455 – E-tailing and Retailing
MKT 458 – Communications Strategy and New Media (formerly MKT 456)
MKT 463 – Digital Analytics and Content

You also are required to take 2 more marketing electives. This is fun and gives you an opportunity to explore classes that you have more specific interest in.

The University of Michigan – Dearborn, Michigan Undergraduate Marketing Program will give you real world experience and assure many opportunities for the future. You will learn knowledge about business disciplines, you will learn how to be an effective communicator, and learn how to apply critical thinking skills to business situations.

Eastern Michigan University – Ranked #2

Western Michigan University – Ranked #3

For more information on these two schools that are also included in the top three best Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs. You can go to their website and search digital marketing program. All 3 are great option and will definitely help you further your education for the better. Digital Marketing is the way to go!