Types of Keywords 101

I will be explaining 4 different kinds of keywords in order from the least complex and specific to the most. This will give you a good idea on how to determine the right keywords when starting an ad. Determining the best keywords to use for your website can make such a big difference. It can cause unwanted traffic to be avoided and also attract the people who are interested in what you have to offer. I learned all this information through Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs. If you want to learn more I would suggest looking into these programs! Now lets get started…..

BROAD MATCH KEYWORDS typically generate too much traffic to your webpage. This is the cheap option but may not attract the right kind of people. A broad keyword will attract many people who are not looking for what you have to provide. This is usually not the most effective technique but for some websites it may be, but again very broad.

BROAD MATCH MODIFIED KEYWORDS gain a more specific search criteria. By adding the addition sign before the keyword it lets google know that word is important. The plus sign in front of the keyword makes sure that the word is included in search results. This can be important. It will give many options but the core search terms will have to be used by the person searching.

PHRASE MATCH KEYWORDS make sure that certain words are used in a certain order. This can be important because you don’t want to attract people that are not interested in your exact product or post. You do this by putting air quotes around the phrase you are trying to create.

EXACT MATCH KEYWORDS are used when businesses want to be very specific. The search will only come up when the person looks up the exact keyword search you created. The only kind of traffic comes from people who search the exact same thing. You can do this by adding brackets around the phrase you want used in the exact match search.

Now that you learned about all 4 keywords types from least specific to most. I hope you have a better understanding on what keywords will be best to use for your campaign or marketing technique!


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